Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting Stuck In The Water Temple - Part 1

For many, Ocarina of Time's Water Temple is considered to be the hardest dungeon in the game. So much so that there has been a long standing myth that it's possible to become permanently stuck in the Water Temple, specifically the original N64 one rather than Master Quest or the ones in the 3DS remake.

"It's possible to become permanently stuck by opening the doors in the wrong order..." 

It's one that I've seen time and time again, yet in my years of playing and talking with some of the best Ocarina of Time players, I have never found a step by step method to achieve this. But on the flip side, I have not seen definitive proof that it isn't possible to get stuck either. So I intend to find out myself whether or not the myth is true.

Before I can begin, I must address something important first. Ocarina of Time is one hell of a glitchy game. There are many different glitches, tricks, and strategies that allow you to skip what seems like any requirement you can think of for completing the game, such as the trick below which allows you to walk straight into the boss room without collecting a single key.

However, since the myth is aimed toward players with an average skill level rather than experienced players, I feel that most of these tricks are not appropriate evidence to prove or disprove the myth. So only tricks and glitches that the average player might stumble on will be considered.

With that squared away, we're ready to take a look into the Water Temple.

Part Two

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