Sunday, January 1, 2017

Things I'd Like to Look Into More

It's the new year, so I figure I'd list a bunch of oddball things that I'd like to know more about when it comes to Ocarina of Time, in no particular order.

  • Why collision checking on "high-poly" surfaces will break in certain situations (eg. Double Jabu-Jabu, duping Darunia's Room too many times, when I force an actor to use the scene's collision mesh)
  • I'd like to see what's on the iQue version of Ocarina of Time. Probably won't be anything too surprising though.
  • The Pre-rendered Background Glitch / The Shooting Gallery Exit Glitch. Possibly one of the most obscure glitches I've discovered. When spawning in scenes with pre-rendered backgrounds, address 8000 0000 becomes corrupted somehow (possibly due to the RCP) in a way I don't understand. What makes it more interesting is that the Cutscene 0 Shooting Gallery scene setup is missing a command that initializes a pointer to the setup's exit list, thus a null pointer is dereferenced. Usually this means that we can manipulate the exit to lead to the Water Temple
  • Prelude Bongo Bongo Wrong Warp, specifically why the game is rendered weird. Likely cause is probably that the cutscene contains an environment command that screws up depth checking somehow
  • Why GCN can apparently dupe Skull Kid more times than Wii VC
  • Why the fuck "1.0"/"1.1" is allowed for emulator speedruns when you're restricted to only using glitches available in "1.2"
  • Figure out why the GCN/iQue versions of Ocarina of Time always "red bar" crash. I do know some details though. Usually when a crash occurs, the faulting thread is halted, and the "fault" thread kicks in to manage the crash debugger. However, the "fault" thread faults as well due to a pointer being nulled and then later dereferenced.  
  • Figure out  how "simple body" collision models (cylinders, "four point" bodies (for lack of a better term)) interact with one another. Shoutouts to blue fire.
  • Know what specific situations will crash the RCP and why. Would help me better understand so many different glitches (e.g. Deku Stick as Adult, GIM, the burnt Deku Shield glitch). Also would like to know what differences there are between revisions of F3DEX2 and the iterations of F3DZEX.
  • Understand everything I can about how the Link actor works.
  • Understand how the game camera works, like documenting the "VIEW" struct and the four camera system better.
  • Stop being lazy and document where the pointers to where the pause screen assets are loaded in ram. 
  • Understand why dying outside of Temple of Time crashes the game. I believe glankk figured something out about it, but I didn't fully understand it.
  • Figure out whether/why the classic B1 web clip only works the first time you enter the room

There are probably a few more Ocarina of Time mysteries that I want to poke into, but I can't seem to remember any more of them at the moment. If anyone else has any weird glitches they don't quite understand, hit me up on twitter.

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